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We’re an Web Design & Online Marketing creative agency in Midlands, we work with businesses to make there online brand shine. We always finish the work to perfection for both us and the client, We always want to make sure that we go the extra mile for you. We connect you to your customers through digital technology. We create websites that are easy to update, maintain and extend. All website are build from the ground up, with all of the functions added just for your website. Take a look at how we work.

We work to a number of stages (or sprints) in order to constantly keep the client updated about the progress made and everyone involved is up to date with all the deliverables. We won’t take your brief and not keep you informed with every development. We are happy to listen to or ideas and then put some time in for research to how and if they can be done. We have build all different types of systems from simple information websites to full e commerce websites with sms confirmation when booking or ordering online. If you feel we can help you with your project get in touch here!



Wheeltrimz Mobile Barbers

Wheeltrimz used 3rd party websites to help with there bookings but they couldn't customize the site just colours so they they didn't look professional! We have created there website so they can change every image and every little bit of text to give them the flexibly they need!

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RM Contractors

RM Contractors Ltd are a well established force within the civil engineering industry in and around the Midlands. They own all of our own plant including large to small excavators, dumpers, compactors and small plant.

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Discover Camera Systems

They needed a site to allow them to show case there services and also there products they have developed to help keep your iPEK products in there best condition.

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