Wheeltrimz Mobile Barbers

Bespoke booking system with SMS reminders

Wheeltrimz are a mobile barbers, they needed a website to help them out with online bookings and to show case there work and prices. We have help them out with this and created a custom website where they have full control!

Wheeltrimz started off by using a 3rd party websites to help with there bookings but they couldn’t edit this so they was only working to the layout. everything on the site just colours so they they didn’t look professional! We have created there website so they can change every image and every little bit of text to give them the flexibly they need!

We have also added a advanced booking system to there site. The customer is now able to select times and dates that they would like to have there hair cut but they can also select there barber! This makes it easier for the customer and the client. When the customer signs up they will get a text to make sure that there isn’t a lot of spam going into the site and a email. When you have a website this popular then you are always going to get some spam but we always have things in place to limit this.

We have build this website so the customer will get reminder text messages and email but also the barber they have booked with they also get a text and email so there able to keep track of there appointments.

Finally we have integrated there Google Calendar into the account to make it even easier to keep track! This saves them time with logging into the website, They can just have the app on there smart phone and everything syncs when theres new appointments

We have very happy with the site and Wheeltrimz also love the new site! here is what they have said about our services

Soon we are going to be adding online payments for them to make the site even better!

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